Brooding Shots of a Photographer's Mobile Home and the Sea

Around 3 years ago, Lisbon-based photographer Alessandro Puccinelli bought an old motorhome Hymer 1983 and drove around some of the most beautiful coasts of Portugal. Puccinelli’s journey was meant to explore his passion of photography. Along the way, Puccinelli captured some solitary moments of his ‘home’, the vast sea and the quiet evenings before he sleeps. [via behance]


Simon Christen Captures Rare Moments of Landscape Beauty

Aspiring photographer Simon Christen loves being outdoors and travelling. This is where he would wait patiently for the perfect moment to capture the beauty of nature unravel. Simon says, I can sit in a spot for hours watching the light change, waiting and hoping for that rare moment which illuminates the scene in a unique way. As humans we have the urge to design everything. Once something becomes forgotten and nature starts […]


Magical + Paint-like Early Morning Pictures Over the Misty Forest

Poland and the Czech Republic has an amazing view of the mountains. In this series by Polish photographer Boguslaw Strempel you’ll see and appreciate more how spectacularly beautiful they are. What makes this picture perfect shot different is that Boguslaw didn’t capture the sunrise. Rather, he captured the dramatic interlacing of the sunbeams as it hits the tree tops.    Visit Boguslaw Strempel’s 35 photo portfolio for more. [via petapixel]