Superb Typography Inspired by Britpop Lyrics

If you happen to be a lover of Britpop music, then you probably sang along these lines from the song “Wonderwall” by Oasis. London-based artist Tobias Hall has created a typography-based mural as his tribute to the birthplace of Britpop music – Camden. In this place, you would find Holiday Inn where Hall painted the lyrics from three well-known Britpop songs as the words on his murals. [via]


Beautiful Motherhood Mural Spotted in Portugal

Deconstructed art is alive in Portugal. Following our post last year, street artist Alexandre Farto a.k.a Vhils created another beautiful art on São Miguel island in Azores, Portugal as part of the Walk & Talk Festival. The concept is a mother holding her proverbial infant child. Using the same technique with his previous artworks, he carefully chips away the surface of the walls’ old layers revealing dramatically textured large-scale portraits.   [via]


Fashionable Murals by Ran Hwan

You are probably pondering on one question — What is fashionable mural? I just thought of describing Ran Hwang’s work as fashionable since she is fond of using materials in the fashion world comprised of thousands of beads, buttons and pins. Seeing her work leaves me with much admiration but what I admire  most about this artist is how she describes her works. I can’t help but share the artist’s statement posted on her website, which […]


Stunning Finger Paintings by Judith Braun

People can be so ingenious and Judith Braun, a New York-based artist, is definitely one of them. She makes stunning murals as her bare fingers dipped in charcoal dust work freely and creatively across a blank wall. Cost-efficient? Obviously yes… because paintbrush expenses are clearly out of the way. Brilliant? Absolutely yes… because she is not afraid to let her hands take control of whatever she wants to come up with, and […]


Kindly pass the stapler please...

Who would have thought that the use of a simple staple wire could lead to such great work of art like this one? I wonder how many wires were actually used in order to make a really huge image like this one. Via


Bicycle Station Mural

Tangerine. They say one of the colors that’ll trend this year! Eye-popping color just right if your thinking about painting your wall or get on with a mural project. Consider something within the same shade just like this one by Mary Kate McDevitt that she did with Fred DiMeglio for their bike station. Nice right? Also the text is quite interesting!   [via dribbble]