Modern House N in Moscow by 4a Architekten

4a Architekten designed the House N, a family home located in Moscow that is a combination of traditional European influence and modern features. Description by 4a Architekten: In dialogue with the client an exciting new interpretation of the existing building from the 90s arose. In this case, the original appearance of the dwelling house has changed dramatically, although the existing building structure remained largely intact: A generous glass designed with […]


Petite Home in Russia Creatively Designed with Unique Ideas by INT2architecture

Russian firm INT2architecture creatively designed this small, 45-sqm home in Moscow with every bit of personality on each corner. [via trendir]


Awe-inspiring Moscow Metro

Far from your usual train station, this is one of the USSR’s extravagant architectural projects. Moscow Metro wasn’t just built for transportation, it’s also an art museum. Now that’s travelling in style. The picture below is inside one of the modern trains. Showcasing art on one side so passengers can appreciate art while travelling. [via reddit, traveljournals and ladaray]