Intriguing Mosaic Art Made of Watch Parts + Found Objects

Artist Laura Harris from the Melonhead Gallery created a series of intriguing mosaics made of hundreds of found objects. Parts of bicycles, clocks, watches, pieces of glass and keys all meld onto beautiful mosaic portraits. Harris’ works are inspired by her inner passion of fusing a variety of things into together to make one harmonious piece, just like our world should be. [via designyoutrust]


World's Biggest Coffee Bean Mosaic

Last June,  Russian artist Arkady Kim created a one of a kind mosaic made of roasted coffee beans called The Awakening. Over 1 million pieces of coffee bean in a variety of shades covered a 30 square meter panel that weighed 397 pounds in total.  It became the world’s largest coffee bean mural and was exhibited in Moscow’s Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure.      [via boredpanda and dearcoffeeiloveyou]