Incredible Portraits Made of Thousands of Multi-colored Staple Wires

New York-based artist James Haggerty patiently created a series of portraits of Star Wars characters – a mosaic of multi-colored staple wires. Each portrait is made up of more than 10,000 pieces of staples. See more of his work right here. [via laughingsquid]  


Stunning Wall Composed of 12,000 Colored Pencils by blackLAB Architects

Don’t you just adore this 14′ x 6′ mosaic wall made of 12,000 pencil crayons? blackLAB Architects created the colourSPACE using 25 different colors to come up with a color gradient from black to white. I wonder how many drawings I can make out of these thousands of crayons. Simplyexquisite! ♥ [via design-milk]


Astounding Map Mosaic Composed of 330,000 Pieces of Glass Shards

For two years, London-based artist Christ Chamberlain patiently worked on an intricate map of the world. The project called Jewel of the Universe is truly a labor of love, the proceeds of the sale (now being sold at £250,000 or $380,000 on Ebay) will go to humanitarian projects of Sierra Leone in West Africa. “The artwork measures 3.18m x 2.18m. A large-scale, unique and intricate portrait of our Earth – a planet which is surely a […]


Astonishing Guinness World Record for Largest Rubik’s Cube Mosaic

Just imagine how fantastic it would be to put together 80,940 Rubik’s cubes to form a huge mosaic (13 feet high and 200 feet wide) that depicts the skyline of Macau, China. For sure, the hard work of Toronto-based Cube Works Studio paid off after learning their finished product was recognized by the Guinness World Record! Simply awesome! ♥ [via inhabitat]


10,000 Cupcake Mosaic Inspired by Cherry Blossom

Two months ago, London’s premiere cupcake company Crumbs and Doilies made an incredible installation of 10,000 cupcakes to recreate a cherry blossom. They have amazingly captured the fitting shade and color for each cupcake. Awesome. Visit  Crumbs and Doilies Blog, also on Facebook and Flickr.   [via thewateringmouth]


Old Junk Mail Portrait Mosaics

Decluttering your junk mails, old papers, calendars, any recyclable material has never been this fun. Sandhi Schimmel Gold is creating some amazing and vibrant mosaic portraits. Adorable portraits made by hand. Get inspired, check these photos out. From Sandhi Schimmel Gold’s website.