Student Converts an Old Bus into a Sleek Mobile Home with Transformable Spaces

Creative architecture student Hank Butitta designed this inspiring old bus conversion into a sleek mobile home with practical and transformable spaces. It took 14 weeks to complete this amazing make-over complete with beds, hidden compartments for storage, kitchen, bathroom and re-purposed wood panels from an old gymnasium as flooring. [via hank bought a bus and colossal]


Compact Home Fit Inside a Garbage Truck

A garbage truck wouldn’t be the first place you’d think of building a mobile home but here’s a beautiful example. Built inside a standard UNICAT garbage truck, all your basic needs is fit inside this tiny shelter. It has a bedroom, office, bathroom and a cozy lounge. It also features a small skylight that provides natural lighting that makes it look bigger, warmer and more comfortable.    [via shoeboxdwelling]