Impressive Miniature World Inside Light Bulbs by Adrian Limani

Take a peek inside the miniature world of Albanian self-taught photographer Adrian Limani. This young artist makes it look like that his images are actually inside a light bulb, similar to those well-known small-scale ships in bottles. Interestingly, Limani has a brilliant future ahead of him considering that at his young age, he was selected to be part of the international catalog “Top 200 Best Digital Artists 2012/2013”, which included the best artists […]


Unbelievable Miniature Creations as Small as the Eye of a Needle

Facing a difficult situation has always been like getting yourself through the eye of a needle. Miniaturist Nikolai Aldunin literally got himself into the ultimately tiny eye of a needle and saw its potential in making a jaw-dropping work of art. Seriously, Aldunin had tons of patience in keeping his hands perfectly still while working on his project using a 28-year-old microscope and tools such as superglue, syringes and toothpicks. The artist […]


Fascinating Feather Art by Chris Maynard

Artists can be so genius! Take a look at these miniature artworks made from feathers by American artist Chris Maynard. With feathers as his canvas and tools such as eye surgery scissors, forceps, scalpels, and magnifiers, the results are truly incredible. Plus, what’s more special with his pieces is that he only uses feathers from private bird owners or zoos. [via boredpanda]


Adorable Miniature Books of Miyako Akai

Sometimes great things really come in small packages and a great example would have to be Miyako Akai’s adorable miniature books, also referred to as mame-hon or bean-books. Elaborately crafted by hand these tiny easy to carry books with a rich history behind it has become a notable collector’s item. [via spoon-tamago]


Adorable Miniature Crocheted Animals

I think I’ve tried doing crochet once in my life and since then I haven’t made the time to do it again possibly because it’s just not my passion, and also because I don’t have much patience to sit down for long hours and come up with something colorful and creative. It’s good to note that there are still several individuals who have intense fondness with handcrafting and I would like to […]


Tasty Miniature Food Sculpture

Last year, I featured a delectable collection by Kim Burke . Now, she’s got a new collection of miniature food sculptures some more and they look delicious as ever! And she added exciting food art on jewelry too. How would you like tiny apples as earrings? Check out Kim Burke on flickr and her shop at etsy.


Pei Li's Incredibly Realistic Dollhouse Miniatures

Delicate. Delectable. I recently discovered some really lovely artworks. Singapore based artist Pei Li specializes in highly realistic and unique 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures. I was truly impressed when I saw her works that I got in touch with her thru email. I was curious on how she got started and found fondness in making them and was graciously answered. And I quote: “As a young child, I have always been interested in crafts. […]


Delectable + Miniature Food Sculptures

Kim Burke‘s favorite past time is scouring for miniature food inspiration. She’s completely addicted to clay polymers, her medium for her delectable creations ~~ amazing miniature food sculptures that’ll make you hungry! It’s visually enticing and incredibly detailed despite its tiny size.. Simply scrumptious! Find Kim Burke on Flickr.   [images via piccsy ]


Take A Small Trip Around The World

Villages captured in miniatures are truly a sight to behold. Can someone please make a miniature of all the beautiful places in the world and place it in only one area, then literally call it a “Trip Around The World?” Wouldn’t it be nice isnt’ it? Artists could really go a long way to show their creativity. They could intricately make simple things grand. Just like that miniature above.Located next […]


Pencil tip awe-inspiring sculpture

Yes, that’s a tip of a pencil.  The artist behind this doesn’t work on pencil tip sculpture for money, he just wants to share his artistry to the world. Meet Dalton Ghetti. He patiently creates each artwork using razor blades, sewing needles and a sculpting knife, and refuses to use a magnifying lens. He works on sculpture for at least 2 years each. Each! This man defines patience. [via greendiary]