Delightfully Illustrated Map of Japan by MUTI

MUTI have created an illustrated map of Japan for Monocle Magazine, using icons to highlight landmarks, animals and people from different regions. Beautiful.


Patiently Drawn Intricate Map of London

It takes not just enough but an incredibly long thread of patience to draw a map with your bare hands. Well I guess, illustrator Jenni Sparks had a lot more than that when she worked pretty hard to complete this hand-drawn  map of the old London town. Sparks was commissioned by art print retailer Evermade to produce a London map aimed at capturing the essence of London’s landmarks, meticulously highlighting its boroughs and neighborhoods as well as its […]


Adorable Pleated Dresses made from Vintage Maps

Last week, we featured a custom map wall mural for those who would want to give their homes a distinctive touch. Now, we have another post for map lovers out there (obviously I belong to this group). These small-scale, folded pleated dresses are made from old maps of San Francisco, Dublin, Conneticut, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, London, and New York. British artist Elisabeth Lecourt named her series as Les Robes Géographiques which is French for The Geographic Dresses. [via honestlywtf]


Amusing Custom Map Wall Murals by Wallpapered

What is it with maps that I just absolutely love? I don’t really know the exact answer. What I do know though is that I would totally have one of my walls designed by Wallpapered. With a custom design, I would have the luxury of a mural inside my home that will feature my town or any spot on the globe that I simply adore. The people behind this website says that it was created to […]


Meticulously Hand-cut Locality Maps

Architect-artist Karen O’Leary presents locality maps in a different way. Countless roads and river lines are intricately drawn and cut by hand by the artist using an x-acto blade. Why maps you might ask? Because Karen considers a map as more than just a navigational tool it also tells a story.  Find more of her works on Studio KMO.


Map + Art = Collage

I have shared before that I really love maps. And now, someone thought of making a collage out of maps. Simply amazing… This someone is an artist named Matthew Cusick from Dallas, Texas. Check out his other collages…    [via]


Maps Made of Letters

Collection from the Bold and Noble Website.


Comic-mapping Europe with prejudice

About this series: Yanko Tsvetkov‘s Mapping Stereotypes project — is a collection of amusing, nothing personal, nothing politically correct, most often comically true maps of Europe that’s based on different subjective perceptions and ideologies. Prints available on Zazzle.   [via brainpickings]