Artist Builds Treehouse Inside Loft Home to Fulfill Childhood Dream

Since childhood, artist Terry Chiao always wanted to build a treehouse. The opportunity came when Chio moved in a spacious lofthome in Brooklyn. Instead of choosing to stay in a downsized house, Chio decided to fulfill a dream while making space for a room mate – by building a tree house inside her home. The space is now a guest cabin listed on AirBnB. [via fastcoexist]


Pleasant Swedish House in Kungsholmen Island

Somewhere in Stockholm, Sweden, in the island of Kungsholmen in Lake Mälaren is this beautiful loft home. Built in the 1900s, this beautiful 5-room abode has a total area of 178 square meters. Photos courtesy Perjansson


Tumblr Founder's Surprisingly Modest New York Home

Spotted on New York Times T Magazine is Tumblr founder David Karp’s Williamsburg loft home located in Brooklyn, New York. The modest home has the charm of a traditional rustic home with exposed bricks, raw concrete and reclaimed wood. [via zimbio]


Re-imagined Intimate Loft Home in Belarus

Russian designer Uglyanitsa Alexander made an attractive set of interior renderings for a residential project in Minsk, Belarus. The intimate design of this loft home features natural decorative materials such as exposed bricks and wood that exudes warmth and coziness. To strike a balance, bold colors for the furniture and some of the accents were used.   [via enpundit]