3,000 Gummy Bears Make a Delicious Chandelier

Imagine delicious looking Candelier hanging inside your living room. It is made of 3,000 gummy bear shaped acrylic. No, it’s not edible but it surely is an ‘eye-candy’.  Artist Kevin Champeny designed this tempting modern chandelier for Jellio. [via designboom and laughingsquid]


Mushroom Lighting in Cool Colors

Mushrooms illuminated in different colors is a neat decorating idea. In this collection, the cute little mushrooms are perched on driftwood-looking stands. If you already have some greens inside your home, these will be a cool addition.   [via homedesigndecorating]


Upcycled: Strikingly Beautiful Paper Lights

Allison Patrick creates one-of-a-kind paper lights. She uses phone book pages, old maps, garbage bags, recycled lyric sheets, old newspapers and magazines as main material for her art pieces. And the results are just incredibly lovely that it deserves a space in a home.    Apart from using upcycled paper. Allison also uses recycled soda tabs for drum shade that is just so beautiful, it will leave you speechless.. [via Allison Patrick’s Site and shannoneileenblog]