250,000 Solar Powered Stems of Light

You may have heard about Bruce Munro’s dreamlike LED ‘ Light: Installations’ now exhibited from June 9th to September 29th, 2012 at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Recently in the news will be his biggest installation to be placed in the midst of the Australian red desert at Uluru, also called Ayer’s Rock. This undertaking will have 250,000 solar powered stems of light on a one square kilometer of land. The exhibit will open in […]


Art That Leave No Traces Behind

I’ve posted about Light Drawing by Picasso before. Simply beautiful paintings using light. It’s so cool that I found more photos using that same method. Playing around shutter speed, colorful lights and dramatic backgrounds results in astounding images like these. It leaves no traces behind and capturing it is the only proof of the artwork’s existence. How do you do it? “The technique involves moving a light source against the backdrop of […]