Fun Library with Suspended Reading Net by Playoffice

Playoffice studio successfully answered the challenge of making a traditional family library into an appealing place for kids. Designers came up with the idea of adding a ‘Reading Net’. Photos courtesy Playoffice via designboom


Captivating Library by Andrea Maffei Architects

Milan-based studio Andrea Maffei Architects and Japanese architect Arata Isozaki designed the MABIC Library. Located in Maranello, Italy, the MABIC replaces a former warehouse, which have maintained the perimeter walls and lies in adherence to some residential buildings. The MABIC Library by Andrea Maffei Architects: The library, protected by a transparent curvilinear skin, on which is grafted the matt block containing the support functions, engages in the old volume. The cropped area between the glass […]


Whopping Book Mountain + Library in the Netherlands

Rotterdam-based studio MVRDV have completed the Book Mountain and Library Quarter Spijkenisse. The project is a literal advertisement and invitation for reading, was opened by Prinses Laurentien of the Netherlands on October 4th, 2012. Project Description: Manifesting itself clearly as a mountain of books on the towns market square, it is both an advertisement and an invitation for reading. Clever stacking of the buildings commercial functions produces its pyramidal form, which in turn, is […]


Intriguing Book Spines Design of Library in Kansas

The Community Bookshelf has become a landmark of Kansas City’s Downtown and has been extremely successful in attracting more people into the library. Its parking garage being the main attraction, was built inspired by 22 spines of a variety literary classics measuring 25 feet by 9 feet each and is sandwiched between two metal stairwells that are likened to bookends. How did they select which books to showcase on its facade? Locals readers voted for […]


Architect Turns NYC Phone Booths into Communal Library

An interesting project started by New York architect John Locke. What do you think? “There are 13,659 payphones on NYC sidewalks, even though there are over 17 million cell phones. Is the pay phone an anachronism or an opportunity…” reads a poster graphic designed by New York architect John Locke. Locke is the architect behind the ‘Department of Urban Betterment,’ a New York-based interventionist project that is repurposing phone booths into […]