Fun Library with Suspended Reading Net by Playoffice

Playoffice studio successfully answered the challenge of making a traditional family library into an appealing place for kids. Designers came up with the idea of adding a ‘Reading Net’. Photos courtesy Playoffice via designboom


Playfully Unique Conarte Children’s Library by Anagrama

International branding and design firm Anagrama has designed this attractively playful and encouraging Conarte Children’s Library and Cultural Center in Monterrey, Mexico. Description by Anagrama: Monterrey, the third largest city in Mexico, is best known for its beautiful mountains and strong industrial backbone. In the heart of the city is Fundidora Park, a unique specimen of industrial archaeology (it was previously a massive steelworks and foundry established in 1900). The […]


Former Walmart Converted Into America's Largest Library

Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle designed the interior transformation of a former Walmart in McAllen, Texas into McAllen Library (America’s largest single floor public library). This 124,500 square-foot adaptive re-use project has drawn positive feedback from the community, raising 23% rise in registration after its opening. McAllen Main Library by Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle: After Walmart abandoned one of its retail stores in McAllen, Texas, the city decided to reuse the […]


Interestingly Tranquil Library in the Woods

The Catskills Mountains are located in the southeastern part of New York and have been considered as a haven for artists, musicians, and writers. Somewhere in its tranquil woods, the Gluck+ architecture has designed a very interesting place to quietly enjoy an environment for scholarly study. The two-story library features lower-level shelves to store books and other media while the whole place is surrounded by walls that allow you to absorb the […]


250 Books Stored on Building Facade in Amsterdam

De Batavier is a library in Lootsstraat, Amsterdam with a unique facade designed by a local artist Sanja Medić. Sanja created 250 pieces of ceramics books which appear to be stored on its facade. This project was commissioned by the housing organisation De Alliantie and HVDN. The artists says: The building is situated in Lootsstraat, in a neighbourhood where streets are named after Dutch poets and writers from the 18th and 19th century (e.g. C. Loots, […]