Office Wall Decorated With 1,200 Pieces of LEGO Minifigs

Adding color to Qubic Tax’s monochromatic office is this fun installation of 1,200 pieces of LEGO minifigs. Design firm Acrylicize conceptualized and executed the project. The main theme was ‘tax’ so that each LEGO minifig represent individual tax payers in different fields, symbolizing the fact that everyone pays taxes.  [via hiconsumption]


Innovative DIY Key Hanger for LEGO Fanatics

Here’s a cute treat for all LEGO fanatics who can’t get enough of having accessories made from LEGO pieces. Check out this playful key hanger created by German architect Felix Grauer. You even have a choice whether to combine your key holders or not just by separating the bricks apart. The attractive colors also allow you to recognize them instantly so you would not have a hard time looking for them amidst your cluttered or rather organized things. […]


Greenhouse Made of LEGO Bricks

The LEGO Greenhouse was shown last year at The London Design Festival. It is the first fully functioning greenhouse built entirely from LEGO bricks. The walls, floors even the earth is LEGO bricks. The plants and vegetables growing inside are however, entirely real.    [via babble]


Home with 20,000 LEGO Bricks

Think like a child might just be your best idea in designing. LEGO always has a special place in a kid’s heart. Some kids have developed the desire to build something, brick by brick thru LEGO. So it comes as no surprise when artist Melissa Mark and Vicente Caride and son readily agreed on the idea of installing Lego, and was recently built in walls and staircase in their apartment. With the help from I-Beam […]


A creative place for creative people

Wouldn’t it be nice to work in such a conducive, bubbly, lively and creative place like this? Welcome to the world of the people behind the LEGO team!   via