Captivating Aerial Photographs of Botswana Wildlife Taken 500 feet Above Ground

One series of delightful aerial photos that will make your day is from photographer Zack Seckler. Captured 500 feet above ground, the Botswana wildlife look serene and interesting. Check out more of Zack’s photographs right here. [via creative-boom]


Surreal ‘Cloud Forest’ Photo Series by Kilian Schönberger

  Cologne-based photographer Kilian Schönberger has come up with a stunning photo collection dubbed as ‘Cloud Forest’.  Despite of being color blind, Schönberger was so awesome that he was able to creatively capture the beauty of the Bohemian Forest in the Czech Republic. The series makes the observer feel so magical given the desaturated images of the misty tree-filled landscape. [via colossal]


Impressive Vertical Panoramas of Churches Around the World by Richard Silver

Photographer Richard Silver created an impressive series of panoramic photos in his series called Vertical Churches. By weaving several photos, Silver composes an incredible 180-degree landscape view of churches around the world. Silver says, ‘Having been to hundreds of churches in my many years of travel I have only recently figured out this unique way of photographing and capturing the inner beauty of their architecture. Finding the perfect location in […]


Tranquil Landscape Photographs of the Sea by Andrew Smith

Photographer Andrew Smith captures the calmness and waves of the sea in this collection of landscape photos taken in New Zealand. Andrew processes his shots with techniques he shares over at Light Room Tutorials. You may also check out more of his work here. [via colossal]


Sparkling Nighttime Photography by Dave Morrow

Recently, photographer Dave Morrow has been nominated as one of the finalists for this year’s Smithsonian’s 10th Annual Photo Contest. The ridiculously beautiful photo above is his nominated entry. Morrow says of this entry, “The stars almost looked as though they were erupting from the mountain and I knew this was a moment in time that I had to capture.”  His wonderful portfolio shows his passion for capturing starry nights, cityscapes and landscapes. […]


Dramatic Fine Art Photographs of the Taj Mahal

Photographer Thamer Al-Tassan‘s passion is to travel the world and taking beautiful photos from unique angles of places captures his attention. The ever majestic Taj Mahal was one of them. In this series, Thamer brought together the Taj Mahal and its charmed visitors in one frame. More photos on Thamer’s website and Behance.


Serene Landscape Photography by Owen Perry

Circa 1983 is a blog project by Canadian photographer Owen Perry. An avid traveler at heart and photographer by leisure, Owen documents in this blog his contemplative life journey with nature and the people he loves. Be sure to follow Owen on instagram, for more awe-inspiring photos. [via paranoias]


Brooding Reflective Photography by Joanna Lemanska

Paris-based art historian Joanna Lemanska‘s eye for composition unmistakably validates the saying,‘the best camera is the one that’s with you’. She loves taking photos with an iPhone4s, Fujifilm x10 and a long time ago with a Nikon Coolpix. Despite declaring herself as an amateur photographer, her photos are thoroughly enjoyable. Among her favorite subjects is repetitiveness and reflection. You can find more of Joanna Lemanska‘s photos here and here. Follow her beautiful photo stream on instagram.


Spellbinding Photo of Man Feeding Birds

Photographer Marcin Ryczek chanced upon a curiously calm scene, a man feeding birds somewhere in Krakow, Poland. The photo especially brings to mind the yin yang symbol where the contrast is complementary of each other. More beautiful photos on Marcin’s website and Facebook page. [via ohjoy]


Unbelievably Gorgeous Landscapes by Klaus Leidorf

Aerial archaelogist Klaus Leidorf takes gorgeous photos from altitude. Most of Leidorf’s work focus on landscape patterns that are quite surprising. An example is the photo above in which the green pasture seem to be stroked by a gigantic paintbrush. More of Klaus Leidorf photos on his website. [via illusion]