Awesome Photos of Star-Filled Skies by Mikko Lagerstedt

Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt comes with an awesome photo series entitled, “Night” that captures the fascinating beauty of Finland’s landscapes and star-filled skies. [via designtaxi]


Gorgeous Hillside California Home by Studio William Hefner

Los Angeles-based architectural firm Studio William Hefner designed this California home with fascinating outdoor spaces and beautiful landscaping. [via home-designing]


Yummy Food Landscapes

Have you ever stayed in the supermarket’s vegetable section and stared at it for the longest time while imagine them filling a landscape? Might sound a bit strange to you but not to those who has a keen sense of imagination. Like Carl Warner, an Australian photographer, who has mastered the art ofFoodscape, also known as the landscape of food. His paintings consists mostly of grain mountains, brocolli trees, cabbage leaves and baked potato. […]


Spectacular Salts and Spices Painting

Ohio-based artist Kelly McCollam has created some memorable landscape artworks. She recreates several  classic paintings of popular artists such as Van Gogh thru a different medium, using everyday cooking ingredients. In this series entitled Spice of Life, she added a variety of spices for her art thus adding more texture and depth. Visit Kelly McCollam Photography website.   [via chillhour]