Awesome Folding Book Lamp by Lumio

Lumio has just released a new addition to its impressive products. The Book Lamp features accordion-like and water-resistant Tyvek pages that contain high-performing LEDs. It can be expanded 180 degrees to its fullest brightness and can also be placed on any magnetic surface due to the strong neodymium magnets embedded within its covers. The lamp, which comes in three different colors, can also be suspended using its leather hanging strap. […]


Fantastic Works made from Recycled Cardboards by Marie-José Gustave

Montréal-based Marie-José Gustave would be best described as an artist of the everyday as she creates impressive works made from recycled cardboards. Her handmade products include an array of artworks and functional objects such as lamps and pieces of furniture. With every craft she makes, Gustave tries to explore the creative nature of flat boxes by giving them volume, texture and functionality. [via homedsgn]


Delightfully Artistic Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry

Earlier this year, the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills and Paris featured a unique exhibit of fish lamps created by one of America’s best architects Frank Gehry. It was about 25 years ago when Gehry originally thought of this artwork. At that time, he accidentally shattered a sheet of ColorCore laminate while working on a project for the Formica Group, the largest manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate. Gehry then saw the potential […]


Frozen Water Lamps

Would you put one of these in your home? Maybe if you’re looking for something different. Lamps in the form of big water drops that seemed frozen mid-air with cool LED lights. And it comes with its own faucet and piping too!   [via]


Upcycled: Strikingly Beautiful Paper Lights

Allison Patrick creates one-of-a-kind paper lights. She uses phone book pages, old maps, garbage bags, recycled lyric sheets, old newspapers and magazines as main material for her art pieces. And the results are just incredibly lovely that it deserves a space in a home.    Apart from using upcycled paper. Allison also uses recycled soda tabs for drum shade that is just so beautiful, it will leave you speechless.. [via Allison Patrick’s Site and shannoneileenblog]