Drawings of Children with Serious Health Conditions Turned Magical Photographs

Marco, The Explorer Marco was born with a broken heart. By the miracle of a heart transplant at 34 days old, Marco received the gift of life, only to face cancer at the age of 4 – which he heroically fought, and won. With determination and a donor family through www.beadonor.ca anything is possible…even magic apples.   Drawing Hope is a purposeful project founded by photographer Shawn Van Daele. In this […]


Incredibly Sweet Photos of a Girl and an English Bulldog

Having witnessed the sweet relationship of her 4 year old daughter Harp and the family’s 7 year old English Bulldog Lola, photographer Rebecca Leimbach chronicled it in this series called Harp and Lola. The photos capture how the doting duo were inseparable since Harp was a baby. [via fubiz]


Endearing Photos of Toddlers and Animals Enjoying the Nebraskan Countryside

Being used to the rush of the city and consumed by technology, it is refreshing to see photos of toddlers enjoying the countryside and being friendly with animals. Photographer and artist Jake Olson captured these endearing photos set in the Nebraskan countryside. As inspiring as the photos he takes is Olson’s story of discovering his passion for photography which happened when he was already 38 after he worked for several […]


Absolutely Adorable Toddler Photography by Vanessa Lewis

Originaly a food photographer, Vanessa Lewis started a studio called Nina Say Cheese where she dabbled on kids’ photography for a change. In this studio, kids are photographed in adorable sets re-enacting their actual playtime. Themes include, circus, forest, pilot and tea time. Why Nina Say Cheese? Vanessa started with this project when she couldn’t find a studio she liked to photograph her daughter. Her daughter’s is named Nina. Find out more on Nina Say Cheese website.