Astonishing Installation Inspired by the Tower of Babel

This amazing installation, a book version of the Tower of Babel, was built by artist Marta Minujin in San Martin Square in honor of the title earned by Buenos Aires as 2011 World Book Capital. The historical Tower of Babel, which was said to reach the heavens, was part of a story to explain the origin of languages. The 25-meter and seven story spiraling tower is covered in 30,000 books and affords […]


Incredible Egg Art

Would you be so patient enough to this kind of really amazing art? Egg-static!   via


As knit-ly as you can

Hey, everyone! Do you love to spend your free time doing something like knitting? This hobby surely needs a lot of patience, especially if you would try doing something like that bus up above and more below! [via]


A Stunning Maze Made from Mountains of Salt

Motoi Yamamoto uses salt to create intricate, deeply personal floor sculptures. He calls it labyrinth. The story behind Yamamoto’s salt sculptures is sweet and sad. His sister died of brain cancer more than a decade ago. To honor her memory, he began sketching with salt — in Japan, a traditional symbol for purification and mourning. The meandering patterns are meant to convey a sense of eternity.   Photos by  Motoi Yamamoto; […]