Fascinating ‘Centennial Chromagraph’ Composed of Thousands of Pencils by Variable Projects

Award-winning, full-service design and research office Variable Projects have created the Centennial Chromagraph, a life-size representation of the history of the University of Minnesota School of Architecture. The team used 8,080 colored #2 pencils and 100 robotically-routed plywood ribs that make the installation look like a DNA double helix. Description by Variable Projects: The Centennial Chromagraph is a life-size representation of the history of the University of Minnesota School of Architecture. […]


Awesome ‘Lucid Stead’ Installation by Phillip K. Smith III

American artist Phillip K. Smith III has created a unique installation dubbed as ‘Lucid Stead’ situated in the middle of the raw desert of Joshua Tree, California. Smith creatively transformed an existing homesteader shack into an awesome optical illusion by installing pieces of mirrors to the exterior of the shack. The mirrors then generate an illusion that makes the house look like partially invisible wherein its wooden roof and planks […]


Astounding Fabric Reproduction of a Three-Storey Townhouse by Do Ho Suh

South Korean artist Do Hu Suh has created an amazing transparent fabric reproduction of a three-storey townhouse currently being featured in an exhibit at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea. Dubbed as ‘home within home within home within home within home’, the structure is a massive and sculptural space constructed from silk medium. It was inspired by the first home of the artist in Rhode Island, […]


Fascinating ‘Lightwave’ Sculptural Bench by After Architecture

Design team After Architecture has created this unique sculptural bench called Lightwave, which can be seen beside the OMA’s Milstein Hall in Cornell University, New York. The public art installation is composed of 264 black locust posts that were CNC milled, sanded, painted and assembled into the grid. Each grid of square timbers undulate thereby forming a variety of seating alcoves. At night, the brightly-colored interior sides of the wood […]


Clever Light Installation in Madrid by (fos)

Spanish multidisciplinary team (fos) has created a unique installation that carries the same name of the firm. (fos) means light in Greek and melted in Catalan. The artwork features a protected façade of the vegan restaurant Rayen at Lope de Vega Street in Madrid, which was illuminated with more than 250ml of yellow tape and painted décor items. Though it was on display for only a short period of time […]


Astonishing Anamorphic Installation by Ole Martin Lund Bø

Check out this fascinating anamorphic art and wooden installation Deceptive Outward Appearance created by Finnish artist Ole Martin Lund Bø. According to Webster’s 1913 Dictionary, anamorphosis is a “distorted or monstrous projection or representation of an image on a plane or curved surface, which, when viewed from a certain point, or as reflected from a curved mirror or through a polyhedron, appears regular and in proportion; a deformation of an image.” [via collabcubed]


Captivating Paper Art Garden by Super Nature Design

Shanghai-based design company Super Nature Design has constructed ‘The Garden’ made entirely from 370gsm ivory paper panels. The white orchid is presented in the middle by circular layers that gradually decrease in diameter. With the use of a cnc machine, the intricate patterns were cut out, which provide a level of transparency in the panels. The reflection of the whole installation on the floor makes the garden naturally spread onto […]


Fascinating ‘Paper Space’ Installation in London

The ‘Paper Space’ installation is currently being featured in this 100% Design event. Studio Glowacka in collaboration with Maria Fulford Architects created the artwork to serve as a hub for the pavilions area and provide a space for international events, talks and debates. Description by the artists: Studio Glowacka were asked to create a standout architectural installation to provide a space for international events, talks and debates. The hub needed to resonate with […]


Delightful Wind Portal Composed of 5,000 Hand-Folded Paper Windmills

The ‘Wind Portal’ was built through the collaboration of Lebanese artist Najla El Zein and lighting designer Maurice Asso. A total of 5,000 hand-folded paper windmills were used to create the eight-meter high curtain which was a temporary gateway at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The art installation will be on display at this year’s London Design Festival until the 3rd of November. [via inhabitat]


Fascinating Harvest Dome Composed of 450 Umbrellas by SLO Architecture

SLO Architecture has created this unique installation called Harvest Dome 2.0  composed of 450 umbrella frames and 128 plastic bottles. The structure may be viewed from land or by water at Inwood Hill Park Inlet, New York city. According to the team, the 24-foot diameter sphere stands “as a physical revelation of the city’s accumulated waterborne debris.” [via inhabitat]