Mesmerizing Photos of the Everyday Lives of Indonesian Villagers by Herman Damar

Self-taught photographer Herman Damar has captured mesmerizing photos of the everyday lives of Indonesian villagers who reside outside of Jakarta. With the use of a Canon 550D, Damar was able to convey the intimate,colorful and very laidback village life. [via boredpanda]


Amazing Macro Shots of Garden Creatures by Nordin Seruyan

Indonesia-based photographer Nordin Seruyan offers a stunning macro photos of creatures living in his garden in Central Borneo. [via designtaxi]


Captivating Half-Submerged Photos of Indonesia’s Islands by Sterling Zumbrunn

California-based photographer Sterling Zumbrunn has come up with a series of half-submerged and beautiful images he captured in the islands of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Zumbrunn, who focuses on the natural world and conservation issues, is currently the Chief Technical Officer for Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo in Monterey. [via designtaxi]