Hilarious Illustrations of Real Movie Typos by Austin Light

Writer, illustrator and designer Austin Light has come up with a unique collection of real movie title typos he encountered on Reddit last October and turned them into funny illustrations. Finding Emo Obocop  Pup Fiction The Fat and the Furious Beauty and the Beat Dive  Harry Otter Rave Alen Ad Max Pollo 13 T. Lord of the Rigs The Princess and the Fro Twilight: New Moo  Scram Man on Fir […]


Impressive Cartoon Sketches of Everyday Scenes in Tokyo by Hama House

Tokyo-based illustrator Hama House has playfully came up with an impressive series of cartoon sketches of everyday scenes of people in Tokyo.


New Playful Doodling with Starbucks Cups by Tomoko Shintani

Japanese artist Tomoko Shintani surely makes the most of coffee time. Since we featured her works last year, Shintani has made more playful doodles on paper that extends to coffee cups. Good news to her fans in Japan, Shintani’s drawings will be exhibited at the Cafe Flower this coming February. Check out her fanpage for more information.


Interesting Illustrations of Iconic Architecture in Films

Architect Federico Babina created a new series called ARCHICINE. Interchanging the roles, Babina effectively takes architecture in the front seat as if telling its own version of the storyline while the main characters stay in the background. [via visuall]


Brightly Colored Maps by KHUAN + KTRON

Belgian-based design studio KHUAN + KTRON have created beautifully illustrated maps that are worth collecting. Find more brightly colored and often eccentric pieces at their website. [via blastedcreatives]


Awesome Moleskine Illustrations

Moleskines have become a popular, somewhat legendary notebooks. I was looking for reasons why illustrators love sketching on it so much. One said that aside from its rich cream colored pages, it takes ink nicely. A good canvas is always good. Here are some great examples of black and white illustrations made on Moleskine pages. [via webdesign]