Literally and Figuratively Cool Ice Typography by Nicole Dextras

Environmental artist Nicole Dextras has come up with as cool as ‘Frozen’ ice typography series.  It consists of 8-foot high to 18-inch high three-dimensional words fabricated in iced set outdoors. Description by the artist: The Ice Typography series consists of three-dimensional words fabricated in ice placed outdoors that speak to how the viewer’s gaze frames and informs the landscape. The installations have varied from 8-foot high ice letters on the […]


Spectacular Ice Castles Composed of 20 Million Pounds of Ice

If you happen to be visiting Breckenridge, Colorado; Lincoln, New Hampshire; and Midway, Utah, you may want to check out these fascinating Ice Castles composed of 20 million pounds of ice. These glacial formations that include caverns, archways, paths and tunnels are colorfully illuminated at night.  For more information on tickets and other details, click here. Description by the artists: Visitors often ask how we create the ice formations that […]