Impressive Hyper-Realistic Paintings of Taking a Dip in the Water by Joseph Moncada Juaneda

Spanish artist Joseph Moncada Juaneda skillfully paints water in the most convincing way it will make you want to take a refreshing swim right away. Find out more of Juaneda’s artwork right here. [via josep moncadacom]  


Hyper-realistic Pictures with Hidden Lego Sculptures

This amazing collection dubbed as In Pieces was created through the collaboration of Australian conceptual photographer Dean West and renowned LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya. In each picture are hidden hyper-realistic LEGO sculptures that are cunningly disguised and can only be seen if you would look at them in much detail. You may want to check more of the In Pieces exhibit up close and personal at the William J. Clinton Presidential Center Library in Little Rock, AK […]