Oregon-based mom makes hilarious toilet paper funerals but her son is not so happy about it

How far can you go to let the world know your level of sense of humor? Well, you might as well take it from Oregon-based Twitter user Jaklyn Larsen (@iamjakz) who is a self-proclaimed Toilet Paper Funeral Director. Oh yes, you read that right. She is indeed a Toilet Paper Funeral Director. Larsen has just started with her new-found calling a few days ago and it seems that she is […]


Humorous Phrases in Paris’ Public Places That Seemingly Talk to Passersby

French designer Benjamin Isidore Juveneton has come up with an interesting project that is part of an urban exhibition titled ‘Enchanté’. The artist has put up witty phrases in the public places of Paris that appear to be talking to passersby and voicing out their thoughts and opinions. Photos by Antoine KIENLEN via designtaxi


Humorous Judgmental Typography To Decorate Your Walls

Etsy shop owners and makers at PainterPeeps put humor in typography that may bring out the ‘judgmental’ side of your house guests. Decorate your walls with these PainterPeeps typography prints available on Etsy.


Exceptionally Creative Artworks Made from Recycled Materials by Ole Ukena

German conceptual artist Ole Ukena enjoys utilizing various resources like text, video, photography, drawing and sculpture. Probably, his most distinctive work includes those made of recycled materials mixed with a bit of humor. The first art piece above is called “Protected Paradise”, wherein he actually used barbed wire. You would be amazed to know as you look into the piece that was at first you thought like it was just […]


8 Hilarious Confessions From Those Working in the Creative Field

Those who work in the creative field face most days with insurmountable pressure. Some go through it with grace, some with pulsating anger while some with a little bit of humor. Just like these hilarious confessions found on The Creative Confessional website, where the creatives squeal some of their random thoughts. Can you relate?(Just remember to read everything with a pinch of salt!)


Craziest Client Requests Become Amusing Art

Designers, ever heard of that line coming from a clueless client? Leaves you speechless doesn’t it? It’s very difficult to answer these type of requests and not sound the least bit sarcastic. But you try your nicest. They say kids say the darnest things, well, clients too. Sometimes, even more so. Seeing the bright side of this situation are Ireland based designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy. The duo crowd sourced some of the weirdest (and […]


15 more things no one probably told you yet by Alex Noriega

[via snotm]


Life is too short for the wrong job

Oh, well. I would just like to share with all of you what made me really laugh my heart out the other day. These are considered as the top ten best ad campaigns saying “Life’s too short for the wrong job.” I hope you’d appreciate these pictures as much as I did. Enjoy! 🙂 Now, which one made you laugh really hard? [via dailydawdle.com]


Interesting Works of Wisdom (14 Images)

The other day I found these works of wisdom around the net. Some are funny, some are hilarious, some may seem a little bit serious, just like that one up above. That is strikingly true, isn’t it? Work should come first in order to achieve success, not the other way around. Here comes the other works that I have fortunately found inside the world wide web, see more below! [via sadanduseless.com]


L-O-V-E Makes The World Go W-E-I-R-D

I found these funny illustrations in the net yesterday. The article was actually entitled, “Nerdy Dirty Illustrations for Nerds In Love.” But I believe that these do not only apply to the nerds because when you are trapped in the four letters of L-O-V-E, you’d be weirder than you’ve ever been. Check the other illustrations as you scroll down below. They may sound a bit “cheesy” though but they can […]