Posh House in Dnepropetrovsk by Yakusha Design

Yakusha Design studio have designed this 1240 square meter posh home located in Dnepropetrovsk, formerly Yekaterinoslav, Ukraine’s fourth largest city. Description by Yakusha Design: People that constantly live in the city at a very fast rhythm get tired of concreteed and glass and they want to bring inside his home a real nature. This is the case, we have a large house made from concrete and glass outside and we have the […]


Comforting Home in the Log Cabin by Ryntovt Design

Ryntovt Design studio created the House in the Log Cabin located in Kharkov, the largest city of the Slobozhanshchyna historical region in Ukraine. This 120 square meter warm and hospitable residence was completed in 2011. Photos courtesy of Ryntovt