Wood House in Spain by Dom Arquitectura

Dom Arquitectura have designed the Casa estudio de Madera, a house made of wood located in Sant Cugat, Spain. Photos courtesy Jordi Anguera


Architect Imagines Little Red Riding Hood's House in the Woods

Spanish architect Miguel de Guzmán imagines what Little Red Riding Hood’s and the Three Bears’ house would look like while receiving the Big Bad Wolf as guest in the back-story of this contemporary house in Spain. The 2-storey translucent El Espinar house with roof garden is located in the woods of Sierra de Madrid mountain range in Spain. Description: This translucent house in the woods by Spanish architect Miguel de […]


Classic + Geometric Design of Rocafort House by Ramon Esteve Studio

Ramon Esteve Studio have designed the Rocafort Holiday House located in the third largest city in Spain,Valencia. A house of contrast, the exterior of the house has a classic design while its interior and backyard  has a modern touch. Description by Ramon Esteve Studio: The starting condition for this house was born from the trapezoidal shape of the plot in a residential environment more buildable, where the vegetation is dense […]


Dynamic Spanish Residence by the Bay by Magma Arquitectura

Magma Arquitectura have designed the House V located in Costa Brava, Girona, a city in the northeast of Catalonia in Spain. This 500 square meter multi-family home with garage and a view deck pool was completed in 2011. Description by Magma Arquitectura: House V is located next to a bay on the Costa Brava. On a plot of steep slope, a perimeter wall stone raw quarry blocks sits a Mediterranean […]


Dainty Spanish Duplex by N232 Arquitectura

N232 Arquitectura designed the chic and dainty Arnedo Duplex located in Arnedo, La Rioja, Spain. This 159 square meter residence with chic and dainty interior was completed in 2013. Photos from N232 Arquitectura


Stunning Constanza House by MDB Architects

MDB Architects studio designed the Constanza House situated on a sloping terrain in Santander, on the north coast of Spain. The cool gray stone material of the geometrical exterior highlights the lush greenery of the site and the green roof sheltering the veranda. Photos by Margaret Stepien


Modern Spanish House Overlooking the Miño River

Quico Jorreto Architects designed the House on the Miño River situated in Galicia, Spain. The house consists of three main parts, the carport/ patio, the glass-encased observation room that overlooks the river and the enclosed rooms which houses the living spaces and bedrooms. Photos by Quico Jorreto


Splendid Casa Bauzà by Miquel Àngel Lacomba Architects

Miquel Angel Lacomba architecture studio designed the Casa Bauzà situated in beautiful Pollença, Mallorca, Spain. Completed in 2009, this single family residence is represented as a white rock with an architecture designed to be clear and balanced with the client’s needs. Casa Bauzà by Miquel Àngel Lacomba Architects: Constructed in the back of the plot, the house seen from the garden appears in all its splendour of harmony, against the […]


Sensational Travertine House by A-cero Architecture Studio

A-cero architecture studio designed the Travertine House with a calming pool located on a slopes of Madrid, Spain. The exterior of this 3-storey contemporary residence is covered with travertine tiles exuding that warm glow despite its massive appearance. Inside this modern home, the palette is mostly gray and black with  floor to ceiling glass windows.


Remarkable Marbella House in Puerto Banús by A-cero Architects

Architecture and urbanism studio A-cero designed the remarkable 3-level Marbella House in Puerto Banús, Spain, completed in 2006. The massive concrete exterior is perfectly complimented by the minimalist interior showcasing a neutral palette and hints of gold. Marbella House in Puerto Banús by A-cero Architects: A-cero presents one of its last projects in single family houses in Marbella. The property is placed on the outskirts of Puerto Banús, in one of […]