Spectacular Mexican Home by A-001 Taller de Arquitectura

A-001 Taller de Arquitectura have designed Casa del Viento located in Morelos, Mexico. This spectacular home has a meditation terrace, small balconies in visiting the sun, a pool that environ the talk of the day with the reflection of tepozteco. Photos courtesy Jaime Navarro


Green Features In Luxurious Mexican Penthouse by Craft Arquitectos

In 2012, Craft Arquitectos have created the  TB-1602 apartment located in Bosques del Olivo, Mexico. This 425 square meter contemporary 2-storey penthouse features a good mix of luxurious finishes, green wall and wood flooring. Photos courtesy of Craft Arquitectos


Relaxing Pool with a House + Expansive Views in Mexico

Artist Gabriel Orozco in collaboration with architect Tatiana Bilbao have created the Observatory House. Featuring a relaxing pool, this home reflects simple living inspired by Jantar Mantar’s Astronimical Observatory in India. Photos by Iwan Baan


Innovative Trevox 223 by Craft Arquitectos

Craft Arquitectos designed the Trevox 223 project that features a double facade design which is a bronze Reflecta glass. Located in Naucalpan, Mexico, this 1000 square meter contemporary structure was completed in 2010. Photos from Craft Arquitectos