House Designed with Climbing Greens to Save Energy

Architecture studio Hideo Kumaki have designed a home with integrated green screen to shield the heat of the sun from going inside the rooms. Apart from sun protection, the green screen also saves energy by not relying on air conditioning to cool its interior. This contemporary single family residence designed by Hideo Kumaki Architect Office is located in Saitama, Japan.   [via home adore]  


50-square meter Suburban Case House by Jun Igarashi Architects

Jun Igarashi Architecture studio have designed the Case House located in the city of Sapporo, in northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. Built on a limited space of 50 squarre meters, the house is essentially a simple cube with interior lofts made of wood. A number of steel wires were installed around the exterior for climbing plants that would eventually envelope the house. [via ignant]


Three-Level Slide Fully Integrated in Playful Japanese Home

LEVEL Architects have designed the Nakameguro House, a unique 163 square meter house with fully integrated 3-level slide located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Instead of simply casting a slide beside the staircase, the kids and young-at-heart of the house get to enjoy sliding from the 3rd level and get-off at 2nd level or ground level. LEVEL Architects says, ‘By inserting a slide in the flow line of the day-to-day, instead of […]


Light Walls House Adorned by Sunrays by mA-style Architects

mA-style architecture studio have designed the Light Walls House located in Toyokawa, Japan. Beautiful patterns are cast around this minimalist residence when sunrays hit its strategically designed skylights and beams. Description by mA-style Architects: Considering each box as a house, the empty spaces in between can be seen as paths or plazas, and remind us of a small town enclosed in light. The empty spaces, which cause shortening or elongating […]


Concrete Japanese House Invites the Outside In

Japan-based studio Takeshi Hosaka Architects designed the Outside In House located in Yamanashi Prefecture Fujishoda, Japan. As its name suggests, the house invites the ‘outside in’ by integrating large acrylic skylight which makes the sky visible from any room and the relaxing al fresco dining area. This 102 square meter single-storey residence for a family of five was completed in 2011. Photos from Takeshi Hosaka Architects


House Strategically Built in the Gaps of Pine Trees in Oyama

Keisuke Kawaguchi + K2-DESIGN created the Residence in Daisen located in the mountains of Tottori prefecture in Oyama, Japan. Completed in 2011, the house is a group of raised containers connected by passageways, strategically avoiding the existing pine and cherry trees. The architect describes the concept, ‘Trunks reaching towards the sky with bountiful leaves. The figures of the trees are beautiful. They are the legitimate habitants of the forest.’    Residence […]


Playful Outdoors Indoors House by be fun design + EANA

Japanese architecture studio be-fun design in partnership with EANA designed the Outdoors Indoors residence located in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan. This humble two-storey residence features an integrated rock-climbing wall using wood as its main structural material.   Photos by Hiroyuki Hirai