Pastel Haven in France by Caroline Gomez

This adorable French apartment is home to designer and illustrator Caroline Gomez . The house is mainly a reflection of Caroline’s aesthetic, natural and slow design. Built from a former jukebox repair shop in the 1930s the space is filled with beautifully placed colours which makes a welcoming interior for Caroline’s young family of three. [via]


Stunning Get-away Villa L’Escalet in France

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is Villa L’Escalet, an elegant home located in Saint Tropez, France. This 180 square meter villa was built with a 40 square meter infinity pool and only 5 minute-walk towards the beach. This villa was found in the Le Collectionist, a beautifully curated website containing luxury homes, exquisite places, private hotels and inspiring places around the world where inspiring and fascinating people have created a unique […]