Chilean House Overlooking the Sea by Rodrigo Santa María

Rodrigo Santa María have designed the Mirador  House Punta de Gallo situated in Tunquén, locality Chile located in the central coast. This 180 square meter residence was completed in 2012. Description by Rodrigo Santa María: La Casa Mirador Punta de Gallo, is situated on a rocky summit with a panoramic view of the area 70 meters above the sea level. From here you have a 360 degree view: to the north Quintay Bay, […]


Urban Concrete House in Chile by Gubbins Architects

Gubbins Arquitectos designed the Omnibus House located in Aguas Claras, Cachagua V Region, Chile. Completed in 2003, this urban home utilized concrete as its main material that relates harmoniously with the surrounding trees. Photos from Gubbins Architects