Fancy Bubble Hotel

Transparent eco-friendly space that let’s you stay and sleep outside. Kind of reminds you of snow globes doesn’t it? Anyway, for those concerned about privacy, there are bubble tents that are half transparent. Both offered by Attrap’Rêves in Bouches-du-Rhone near Marseille and Sky River outside of Loir-et-Cher. [via inthralld]


Volcano Inspired Hotel in Chile

Inspired by a volcano and a waterfall in a hotel? Yes please. Beautifully unique Montana Magica Lodge  is located within the  Huilo Huilo nature reserve, Southern Chile. It features clean water that erupts then flows over the windows, and also a treat of wonderful forest views. The water in this area is of high purity, from the idea of showing the energy and life of this element, the project is a mountain, from which comes this life and contains the […]


Sweden's Most Primitive Hotel

Would you like a simple life experience? Trying to go back to basics is a challenging task and it’s encouraged here in Kolarbyn Eco Lodge located in Sweden. The place tries to minimize the enviromental impact by becoming part of nature. Chop your own wood to cooke in a wood heated stove. Sleep in front of a crackling fireplace inside a beautiful hut with only the bare necessities at hand. […]


Six Senses Con Dao in Vietnam

Project description: This breathtakingly beautiful place is environment friendly. The contemporary architecture has been designed empathetically to enhance the natural beauty of the site, materials and colours blending seamlessly into the terrain. With a passionate commitment to supporting and protecting the environment, Con Dao has been built with the very lightest ecological footprint. Our 50 villas sit up along a mile of sandy beach, sheltered by the green forested hills behind […]