Beautiful Renovation of a Hundred Year-Old Greek Stable into a Retreat in Tinos Island Holiday House by Ioannis Exarchou

Athens-based architect Ioannis Exarchou renovated the cave-like stone interior of a hundred year-old Greek stable in Tinos Island into a summer retreat for two with a minimum cost. Description by Ioannis Exarchou: The work is a response to a requirement of vacation – temporary residence in an abandoned stable. The programme conforms to the limitations imposed by the elaborate stone building. It consists of three areas: an oblong which accommodates […]


Austrian Holiday House on Stilts with Roof on its Side

The Ufogel holiday house is not your typical vacation cabin. Located in East Tyrol, Austria, the oddly shaped guest home is standing on stilts in the middle of a vast lawn with the ‘roof slope’ appearing to be designed on its side. The cabin strategically faces the mountains where the guest can view it while relaxing in the minimalist interior made mostly of wood and steel. [via humble-homes]


Weekend Home in Brazil by Carla Juaçaba

Brazilian architect Carla Juaçaba designed the House in Rio Bonito located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This weekend home in the mountains utilizes the use of stone walls and glazing both for function and aesthetic. Photos by Nelson Kon


Picturesque Holiday Home Amid Flowering Fields

Dublin based studio Peter Legge Associates have designed the remodeling and extension of a family holiday home in Mullaghmore, Ireland. The new layout segmented into two main zones, the receiving area on one side and the bedrooms in the other. These two areas are aptly connected by the kitchen and dining to form an H-layout, allowing the residents to enjoy each space with its own fantastic view of the gorgeous landscape. Before the renovation: […]


Splendid Aqualina Holiday Villa in Koh Samui, Thailand

Aqualina Holiday Villa is situated in Samui, an island off the east of the Kra Isthmus in Thailand. A home away from home consisting of three bedrooms and four baths enveloped in a calming neutral palette. Complimenting the low-key palette of the exterior is the angular roof covered in step-planters that extends to the ground. If that’s not enough to leave you in awe, there’s also a serene rectangular pool with a […]


Summer + Winter Home in Spain

A perfect for summer and likewise for winter, thats House at The Pyrenees. Designers Cadaval & Sola-Morales gave the owners of this beautiful home in Catalonia, Spain the best get away home for both seasons. [via besthomenews]