Self-Memo: Count Your Blessings

If there’s one thing that we can do to invite positive vibes into our lives is learning how to count our blessings instead of any worries that come our way. Liberate yourself from worries. Each day has always something to be grateful for. Remember that.     via Whoorl   via My New Favorite Day   via Meme   via Quote Master   via Autom   via Everyday Abiding   […]


Travel Bucket List: Top 10 Happiest Places on Earth

Looking for a bucket list-worthy travel destination? Well you might want to consider visiting the following countries and share a moment or two with the top 10 happiest people on earth!     Source: World Happiness Report 2019   According to, what makes Finland special is the fact that the country is a hidden gem tucked into the far up North. It is a treasure waiting to be discovered as there […]


10 Scientific Ways to be Happy (Infographic)

via Bit Rebels  


♥ Share Happiness, Not Happenness

Yes, that is very true isn’t it? So, why not make the most of your life and make someone happy today and the next day and everyday of your life? Surely, it will give you a different sense of fulfillment and inner happiness. And oh by the way, it’s the middle of the week everyone so I thought I’d give you more of inspiring quotes to start your day! Enjoy!   And […]