Interesting Interactive Installation with Detachable Hammocks for the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta

The ‘Mi Casa, Your Casa’ is an interactive installation designed by Mexican designers Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena for the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The installation features more than 35 house-shaped red metallic structures with detachable hammocks. Visitors may want to check out this interesting project positioned around the Sifly Piazza and enjoy interacting with the environment using the materials provided by the center such as easels, […]


A Queen Size Hammock

Just imagine a huge soft hammock waiting for you at home. That would be just utterly fantastic isn’t it? For most of us who wants to laze around the house in our days off. This is perfect… What’s more is that these can be installed outdoors! Simply cool.. Check out lebeanock’s website.