Bio Climatic Smart RD House in Dominican Republic by Vasho

Chilean architectural firm Vasho designed the grass-roofed RD House located in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Description by VASHO: “The programmatic challenge: design a house that allows 18 people to fit comfortably within 500mt2 (including terraces). Open spaces, characteristic of the local architecture. All of the bedrooms have their own bathroom, study and/or library and living room-dining room-kitchen all in one space. The house will be a second home to use intermittently […]


Cleverly Hidden Edgeland House in Texas by Bercy Chen Studio

Architecture and urban planning firm Bercy Chen Studio designed the Edgeland House in Austin, Texas in a very interesting way. The house that appears to be hidden and split apart is a contemporary re-interpretation of an old Native American Pit House – a residence typically sunken and takes advantage of the earth’s mass to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Description by Bercy Chen Studio: Edgeland House is located […]


Interesting Moss Graffiti by Anna Garforth

London-based artist Anna Garforth creates unique moss graffiti that grows on brick walls and appears as layers of green grass. According to Garforth, the idea was born during a trip to a cemetery where she was fascinated by the script and the moss that covers the grave stones. She then collected moss from the surrounding gravestones and started to experiment, thus leading to her own concept of moss typography. The […]