Contemporary Sunset Vale House with Minimalist Garden

Singapore-based studio WOW Architects designed the Sunset Vale House. Completed in 2008, a minimalist garden was integrated inside this 600 square meter Singapore contemporary home. Sunset Vale House by WOW Architects:   In land-scarce Singapore, owners often request houses that fill up as much of the site as the building codes allow to maximize the economic value of the property. In contrast, here, the desire to replace lost greenery and […]


Captivating Paper Art Garden by Super Nature Design

Shanghai-based design company Super Nature Design has constructed ‘The Garden’ made entirely from 370gsm ivory paper panels. The white orchid is presented in the middle by circular layers that gradually decrease in diameter. With the use of a cnc machine, the intricate patterns were cut out, which provide a level of transparency in the panels. The reflection of the whole installation on the floor makes the garden naturally spread onto […]


Polyhedron Habitat by Manuel Villa

Architect Manuel Villa’s project objective is to design a shelter in the back garden, far away from the city in which he could spend time with his family for leisure, play or a quiet reading nook. Also, to prod his son’s developing curiosity, he came up with an interesting shape for this structure, a polyhedron. (In elementary geometry a polyhedron (plural polyhedra or polyhedrons) is a geometric solid in three dimensions with flat faces and straight edges.) Specifically a “Truncated Cuboctahedron” – transformed […]


The Lost Gardens of Heligan's amazing grass scuplture