Awesome Transformation of a Former Garage into a Modern Loft in France by Teresa Sapey

Italian designer/architect Teresa Sapey made an awesome renovation of a former garage into a modern loft located in the industrial portion of Bordeaux, France. [via home-designing]


Gorgeous Peter’s House with Movable Louvers in California by Craig Steely Architecture

Craig Steely Architecture has designed this private resident called ‘Peter’s House’ on a steep site the above Dolores Park in San Francisco, California. Its most distinctive feature would have to be its use of a system of moveable louvers, which according to the firm was “built from reclaimed lumber sourced from the San Francisco Presidio to regulate openness and privacy”. [via trendir]


Stunningly Spacious Home in Gankaiji in Japan by Nakasai Architects

Nakasai Architects have completed this stunning home in Toyama Prefecture, Japan in 2013. Description by Nakasai Architects: When Designing a house in Toyama prefecture, I am often requested that a house has a garage big enough to park 2 cars. We can always simply install a carport. However when considering the relations with its surrounding environment, I have wanted to design a garage in tone with the environment. In this […]


Fascinating Haus Unimog in Germany that Stores a Truck Underneath

The Haus Unimog was designed by German architecture studios Fabian Evers Architecture and Wezel Architektur. The two-storey residence features a workshop space on the bottom floor that stores the Unimog, which is the four-wheeled Mercedez Benz truck of the owner. Description by the archtiects: The unusual construction task and the difficult location of the property was a great challenge and at the same time a great potential dar. It was […]


Stunningly Pretty Parking Canopy Made of Recycled Bottles

Yes, those are recycled bottles. At first look I wondered how did designer Garth Britzman made it look like floating colorful flowers? He partially filled the bottle bottom with little colored water. So awesome as parking canopy right? [via designrulz]


Former Underground Garage + Bright Home

The previously dark and dull underground garage in Athens, Greece, has been given a new light by transforming it into this beautiful and habitable home. Kyriakos Katsaros, London based architect and Andreas Manioloudakis worked together in this incredible renovation project. Abundant lighting was let in thru specially designed glass butterfly roof and glass brick wall. [via delikatissen and yatzer]


From Dull Garage to Glorious Home

FABRE/deMARIEN designed this tiny 441 sq. ft. space. Image above is the shot before the start of this renovation project. As you can see, the space is pretty limited so the design team thought of simple and creative in ways to open up the place. So here’s the wonderful ways they came up with. Check out the after photos: The creative team tore down the walls and replaced it with floor to ceiling windows and glass doors. Keeping […]


From Garage to Splendid Home

Another garage transformed into a beautiful home. Can’t get enough of these make-overs! I wish this article from the Guardian included the before photos. But still glad to have found it. Love the homey feel, the wooded dining table and floorboards. And the skylights!    [via]


Refurbished Garage + Tiny Lovely Home

This has got to be the most beautiful garage I’ve ever seen. Though, it’s not a garage anymore, this has become one the most beautiful homes I’ve ever found. Michelle de la Vega certainly knows how to pick herself up graciously post-divorce. Embracing her new-found singledom, she took to converting an old 250 sq. ft. garage into a tiny lovely home for her and her cat. She went great lengths to save money while renovating. […]