9 Witty illustrations of how introverts are coping up with the quarantine

Dutch artist Lody Njiokiktjien has been extra creative for the past days as shown by her series of illustrations that capture how introverts are coping up with the coronavirus quarantine. According to the artist, the quarantine has some positive consequences and her comics are not a way of denying the severity of the situation but rather a way to look at the situation from an introvert’s perspective. Check them out […]


10 Valentine Card Ideas with a Pinch of Humor

Love truly ignites crazy ideas so here’s something to make your hearts giddy as the the 14th day of the month comes near. Check out these funny valentine card ideas collated by goodhousekeeping.com that you could give to your partners and maybe share a laugh or two!   I’d Pick You Every Time (via etsy.com)   Yoda One for Me (via etsy.com) You Don’t Have to Shave Your Legs (via etsy.com) […]


Hilarious Illustrations of Real Movie Typos by Austin Light

Writer, illustrator and designer Austin Light has come up with a unique collection of real movie title typos he encountered on Reddit last October and turned them into funny illustrations. Finding Emo Obocop  Pup Fiction The Fat and the Furious Beauty and the Beat Dive  Harry Otter Rave Alen Ad Max Pollo 13 T. Lord of the Rigs The Princess and the Fro Twilight: New Moo  Scram Man on Fir […]


Cute and Clever Illustrations by Jaco Haasbroek

If you are looking for something that could lighten up your somewhat heavy day, here is a treat for you – cute and clever illustrations by Cape Town-based artist and designer Jaco Haasbroek. Check them out and for sure you would end up having bright smiles on your faces.  ♥ [via jacohaasbroek]


Humorous Phrases in Paris’ Public Places That Seemingly Talk to Passersby

French designer Benjamin Isidore Juveneton has come up with an interesting project that is part of an urban exhibition titled ‘Enchanté’. The artist has put up witty phrases in the public places of Paris that appear to be talking to passersby and voicing out their thoughts and opinions. Photos by Antoine KIENLEN via designtaxi


Clever T-Shirt Designs by Nacho Diaz

Check out these clever t-shirt designs by Spanish artist Nacho Diaz that would certainly tickle the creative side of your brains and would probably put big smiles on your lips. [via inspirationhut]


Interestingly Cute Time Traveling in Historical Photos

Yes, accept it or not technology has undeniably taken over our system. We can now time travel to any point of destination and time era that we want, thanks to Hungarian photographer and retoucher Flóra Borsi. Can see you see her from that Beatles picture up there? This brilliant artist comes with her series of images entitled Time Travel, wherein Borsi has inserted herself into various historical photographs of famous individuals. With the […]


Genuinely Funny Eye Chart Gives an Answer to the Meaning of Life

The artist behind this adorable Snellen chart is London-based Aled Lewis. As shown in his website, Lewis was probably inspired by his spectacles when he thought of the concept behind his project The Meaning of Life. The chart begins with the letters spelling out the words The meaning of life is quite simply… then it gets a little, actually a lot blurry as you come to the end.  If you happen to be extra-talented when it […]


Comic Photographs of Cars with their Namesakes

Check out this witty photo series dubbed as Namesake Motors by art director Jim Lasser and photographer Ray Gordon. The duo was motivated by a candid observation that some names of cars were actually inspired by famous people so they made an effort to search for cars to be paired and shot with their namesakes. What’s more interesting is that the photo shoot involved only one model and that was Lasser himself! [via petapixel]


Hilarious Song Charts That Will Brighten Up Your Day

I candidly sang along with this one the first time I stumbled upon the site. Actually, the original post where I saw this was about the ten favorite song charts that I Love Charts has posted since it was created (first year and a half to be exact). And for my own post, I decided to rearrange the list based on my personal liking. Hope you would love them as much as I did! ♥ […]