Surreal Hayes Residence amid the West Virginia Forest by Travis Price Architects

Travis Price Architects  designed the Hayes Residence, a surreal home amid a forest located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Description by Travis Price Architects: The home is a path through the West Va hills. The path splits and meanders to know where… to know where nothing is left but self and nature. The cloak of nature and soul are equally in harmony punctured by growth and rebirth all afloat. Swaying […]


Davis Residence in Washington by Miller House That Brings You Closer to Nature

Architecture Miller Hull designed the Davis Residence, a beautiful home located in Bellingham, Washington that brings you closer to nature. Description by Miller Hull: This 1400 sq. ft main house and guest house/garage is located on a heavily wooded cliff site with views of the San Juan Islands of Washington State. The plan orients to major views south down the coast line and west out to the islands while being careful […]


Gorgeous Forest House in Canada by Garret Cord Werner

Garret Cord Werner designed the Forest House, a modern residence located near Vancouver, Canada. Description by Garret Cord Werner: The architecture & interiors of this new home design by Garret Cord Werner represents a high quality of new construction on a modest budget. Over 20 ft. high concrete walls frame the dramatic entry into the home that features a floating open riser staircase. The home was designed to maximize light […]


Fascinating Private Retreat Home On Top of a Boulder in Bohemian Forest by Uhlik Architekti

Uhlik Architekti designed this private retreat home on top of a boulder between Central and South Bohemia, Czech Republic. The concept was based on the client’s request for an escape to gather strength for his demanding work in Prague. Description by Uhlik Architekti: Our client contacted us with an idea to create a hideaway in the countryside where he could “hole up” and gather strength for his demanding work in Prague. […]