7 Simply Excellent Designer's Food

I was browsing thru a food magazine when I found this rare piece of artwork ~ Organic 20th Century Green peas that’s engraved with natural iconographic 20th century women. I tried looking for it online and found a wonderful collection of food art via finedininglovers.com. Check them out! (Picture above: 20th CENTURY GREEN PEAS artwork. 2001 Presented in Foodwork. La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona. © Martí Guixé, courtesy Corraini Edizioni) (Picture above: I-CAKES. Delicious looking cakes that […]


Print My Fingers in Eight Ways

  I found these amazing works of art the other day. Illustrations of fingerprints depicted in different ways. And hear my words are in a real sway.            Kevin Van Aelst replicated his own set of fingerprints in an exceptional way to be able to show the world that he really knows the meaning of “work of art.” [via wowcollector.net]


Delectable + Miniature Food Sculptures

Kim Burke‘s favorite past time is scouring for miniature food inspiration. She’s completely addicted to clay polymers, her medium for her delectable creations ~~ amazing miniature food sculptures that’ll make you hungry! It’s visually enticing and incredibly detailed despite its tiny size.. Simply scrumptious! Find Kim Burke on Flickr.   [images via piccsy ]


Yummy Trip Around the World

In line with the celebration of the Sydney International Food Festival, the flags of participating countries were depicted in the form of a delicacy from each nation. I stumbled upon these yummy pictures at wildammo.com. Yum, yum, yum!!! Ooooh, this makes me want to roam around the world and get a taste of each nation! See yah!


Edible Art Project: Eszter Burghardt takes us to 'Iceland'

Meet Eszter Burghardt, a Canadian-Hungarian artist based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Her current mouthwatering edible art project is reminiscent of the Icelandic landscape. In re-creating the ‘sceneries’, she uses food, wool and random objects from her studio. After she constructs a miniature diorama, it’s captured by a macro lens to get the illusion that the photos were actually taken on site. For starters, pictured above called the ‘Milk Dip’, here’s the rest of the […]


Delicious Pretty Things

Found these literally delicious items at wowcollector.com, yes they are made of food. How about a crispy boot? Al dente accessories? Eggplant shoe? Or a Berry bag? 


Pictures of Chocolate and Pictures of Junk

New York City based visual artist Vik Muniz specializes in remaking famous artworks with materials other than paint, and then photographing them. Vik Muniz most famous for his Pictures of Chocolate and Pictures of Junk series where he used chocolate and recycled garbage to recreate images of the Mona Lisa, Elizabeth, Che Guevarra and much more. [via wowcollector]