Delicious Food Illustrations by Daryna Kossar

Ukraine-based designer and photographer Daryna Kossar creates inspirations and colorfully illustrates them with food. Results are just sweet, delicious and will make you go hungry. Check out some of her works below. [via xaxor]


Playful + Creative Food Art by Lee Samantha

From architecture to famous celebrities, artist Lee Samantha does it all using a deliciously irresistible medium, food. The tedious process takes about more than an hour to finish but to this doting mother, it’s all a labor of love. If you’re looking for a challenging packed lunch, head over to Instagram and Facebook for Samantha’s recent works for inspiration. [via coolstuffdirectory]


Deceiving Food Art That is Not What It Seems

Artist Hikaru Cho deceives you with her latest series called ‘It’s not what it seems’… really. What seem to look like a ‘cucumber’ can actually be peeled open that is a banana. A tomato that was painted realistic as tangerine and an egg that was made to wittingly look like an eggplant. If you had skills like Hiraku, this would be perfect for April Fool’s Day. [via visualnews]


Sweet Miniature Food Art

Etsy shop owner and artist Chen makes the sweetest and luscious miniature food art. Chen’s portfolio includes a full breakfast tray, a miniature chala bread to a candy bouquet. Chen also makes miniature treats as necklaces, rings and even earrings. Check out more of Chen’s artwork here.   


Food Artists Create Models of Famous Art Museums Using Gingerbread and Candy

Food artists Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves have created realistic-looking models of famous art museums using gingerbread and candy as their main material. While candy is fun, colorful, and anything but serious, food artists Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves were excited by the challenge to take it to the next level. Art Basel seemed like the perfect place to showcase their ability to turn something traditional (gingerbread houses) on its […]


31 Days of Creativity with Food

This month, Malaysian artist-architect Hong Yi kick started a new project where she creates different illustrations on a white plate using food to draw. Targeting to finish 31 food projects for the whole month of March. Follow her on Instagram @redhongyi for the latest feed. [via foodiggity]


Fun Transportation Plates

Eat it before it’s ‘gone’. A playful ceramic art series called ‘Transportation Plates” by Poland craftsman Boguslaw Sliwinski. Find out more, visit Boguslaw Sliwinski website.   [via designyoutrust]


Tasty Miniature Food Sculpture

Last year, I featured a delectable collection by Kim Burke . Now, she’s got a new collection of miniature food sculptures some more and they look delicious as ever! And she added exciting food art on jewelry too. How would you like tiny apples as earrings? Check out Kim Burke on flickr and her shop at etsy.


Yummy Food Landscapes

Have you ever stayed in the supermarket’s vegetable section and stared at it for the longest time while imagine them filling a landscape? Might sound a bit strange to you but not to those who has a keen sense of imagination. Like Carl Warner, an Australian photographer, who has mastered the art ofFoodscape, also known as the landscape of food. His paintings consists mostly of grain mountains, brocolli trees, cabbage leaves and baked potato. […]


Pei Li's Incredibly Realistic Dollhouse Miniatures

Delicate. Delectable. I recently discovered some really lovely artworks. Singapore based artist Pei Li specializes in highly realistic and unique 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures. I was truly impressed when I saw her works that I got in touch with her thru email. I was curious on how she got started and found fondness in making them and was graciously answered. And I quote: “As a young child, I have always been interested in crafts. […]