Japanese super mom creatively makes adorable meals that will make your kids want one too

Just how creative could you be in preparing meals for your kids? Meet Japanese mom Etoni Mama. She is a super mom who also happens to be a master of Kyaraben (character bento), which is the art of styling food to look like cartoon people and animals. Among Etoni’s fascinating masterpieces involve fried eggs transformed into various famous characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Pikachu, as well as other […]


Ingenious Foyn-Johanson Home in Australia by Harrison and White

Sustainable urban design and architectural firm Harrison and White has designed the Foyn-Johanson Home in Northcote, Australia. The objective was to come up with a concept that would allow the sun’s rays to shine down inside the residence, specifically into the garden where the owner plants their own food. Description by Harrison and White: We see one of the key issues in Australian housing being how we use the sun to […]


Cleverly Playful Personalized Cutting Boards by Elysium Woodworks

Elysium Woodworks sure knows how to tickle their clients. Who would not want to prepare food on such a playful cutting board like this one? Though the Chemistry subject was not really my favorite in high school, I would certainly love to have this Periodic Cutting Board of the Elements in which by the way you could personally request to engrave your name on the 118th element Ununoctium. Aside from this, there are other clever designs […]


Delectable 'Reversed Volumes' Bowls

The concept of reversed volumes was first developed during Milan Design Week 2010 for FoodMarketo which is a pop-up shop organized by DesignMarketo, Apartamento Magazine and Marion Friedmann. With this method, the imprint of a fruit or vegetable is captured by shaping up the bowls.  The space between a vessel and a fruit/vegetable is filled with ceramics. After the original organic material is taken away, the bowl preserved the actual imprint. The surface of each fruit/vegetable is detailed […]


A Cute Glimpse of Olympic Athletes' Meals

Have you ever been curious of what Olympic athletes eat that make them super great in their sports? Thanks to designer Sarah Parker and photographer Micheal Bodiam, we’d get the chance to take a cute glimpse of what the meals of these athletes are comprised of. Parker and Bodiam based their project from the diets Olympian nutritionist Dan Benardot recommends for high-caliber athletes. Each serving captured usually includes carefully organized portions of chocolate milk, peanut butter, bagels, bananas and […]


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Dan Cretu's Delectable Food Art

When the elders would say that we shouldn’t play with our food, they didn’t specifically say that we shouldn’t play with ir artistically. Probably, Dan Cretu must have the same thoughts when he started playing with different kinds of food to form adorable and edible sculptures. Have a look!


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