Japanese Artist Realistically Carves Flower Artworks Out of Wood

You’ve probably heard of paper roses. But have you heard of wooden flowers? Japanese artist Yoshihiro Suda realistically carves flower artworks out of wood. African violet, rose and morning glory come to life in his wooden pieces that include leaf veins and even small punctures in the petals. Check out some of his delightful floral wood carvings below:       Suda’s works are currently featured in The Ginza Space […]


Lovely Fashion Illustrations with Real Flower Petals by Grace Ciao

Check out these beautiful fashion illustrations mixed with real flower petals by artist Grace Ciao.


Captivating Sony Ad Campaign Shot in Costa Rica Covered in Flower Petals by Nick Meek

Photographer Nick Meek was commissioned by world-renowned advertising agency Mccann for the campaign of Sony’s new 4k TV that provides four times the detail of full high definition. The team chose multicolored flower petals and leaves in the colorful tropics of Costa Rica as the fundamental medium for the project. To illustrate the excellence in focus, the petals were blown and exploded throughout the island landscape, whirled through the prismatic […]


Gorgeous Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

Hello there everyone! It’s the first day of the L-O-V-E month and the flower business will surely be as busy as a bee two weeks from now! Anyway, I can’t help but be mesmerized by the sight of these lovely, multi-colored tulip fields thanks to Belgian photographer bruxelles5. These aerial photos were captured in 2011 somewhere in Spoorbuurt, North Holland, The Netherlands using a Nikon D3S. The artist was able to present the stunning colors of the Dutch […]


Unusual Electrifying Images

Everytime we would feature blogposts about art, I can’t help but be amazed of how each artist have creatively thought of coming up with outrageously unique methods of presenting their passion for art. True artists never really run out of great ideas that totally blow away every observer’s eyes and hearts. Robert Buelteman is the man behind that electrifying image above and the rest of the images below. He makes use of jumper cables, fiber […]


Adorable Flower Danmalas by Kathy Klein

Lucky are those who happen to pass by the streets and find one of these adorable works of Kathy Klein, an Arizona-based artist who is a self-confessed devout lover of plants, animals, people and the divine presence within all. The thoughtful artist refers to her works as danmalas, which  means “the giver of flower garlands” in vedic Sanskrit. Why thoughtful? It’s because she graciously leaves her creations as gifts to whoever discovers them. Have […]