Waiting to be Discovered: New Flower Mandalas by Kathy Klein

These new flower mandalas or danmalas (which means the giver of the garlands) created by artist Kathy Klein are simply beautiful. Klein carefully arranges petals of wildflowers for each piece outdoors and leaves as the mandalas ‘waits’ to be discovered by others. Photographs of each danmalas are now on available on print. [via danmala, colossal]


Beautifully Pieced Flower Collage by Anne Ten Donkelaar

Netherlands-based artist Anne Ten Donkelaar creates collages called Flower Construction with cut-outs from photos and pressed flowers, dried plants, sometimes including butterfly illustrations. Her compositions doesn’t follow the strictest real-life scale of her selected objects but with her creative hand the end-results look well-put together as if its naturally been that way.    Visit Anne Ten Donkelaar’s website for more of her artworks.   [via behance]