Beautiful Family House Revnice in Czech Republic by JRA Jarousek.Rochová.Architekti

JRA Jarousek.Rochová.Architekti designed this beautiful family home located in a residential area of villas on the northern bank of Revnice above the valley of the river Berounka in the Czech Republic. Description by JRA Jarousek.Rochová.Architekti: The mass of the house blends into the terrain so that it respects the sloping terrain of the land. The one storey building with a flat roof andalower level floor is embedded into a green […]


Awesome Renovation of a Family Home in The Netherlands by AD Lab

Architectural firm AD Lab renovated this former bungalow family home in The Netherlands, which has been the sanctuary of the clients for over 25 years. What makes the transformation special is that the designers were sensitive to the emotional bond that the residents had with their old home that has treasured a lot of family memories. Description by AD Lab: Having constructed their house themselves over 25 years prior, the […]


Luxurious Yet Comfortable Family House in Yoro by Airhouse Design Office

Airhouse Design Office designed a luxurious yet comfortable family home in Gifu, Japan filled with warmth and love. Description by Airhouse Design Office: One of our client’s major requirements was for a living space where the presence of the family would always be felt. In response, we devised a single-roomed layout without columns that took advantage of the distinctive features of the existing warehouse. A large kitchen was installed to […]


Beautiful Boatsheds in New Zealand by Strachan Group Architects and Rachael Rush

The Boatsheds is a family home in Auckland, New Zealand designed by Strachan Group Architects together with Rachael Rush. Description by Strachan Group Architects: On a constrained, compact urban site, a stones throw from Takapuna Beach, the three-stepped gables of these black ‘boatsheds’ appropriately reference our boating and beach culture. The sliding forms reveal a solution beyond the standard connotations of a home, a bespoke incubator for the clients’ lifestyle. The corner […]


Former Hunting Lodge Transformed into a Cozy Family Home in Belgium by DMOA Architecten

DMOA Architecten has renovated an 18th century hunting lodge in Belgium into a cozy and modern family home. Description by DMOA Architecten: The project is a peaceful combination of old and new. The new part is a sober black canvas looking at the garden from behind the old walls. In several places remnant parts of the old walls are kept as garden elements, an aspect that strengthens the atmosphere. When you […]


Eye-Catching House Extension Designed with Diagonal Strips of Wood by Franz Architekten

Austrian studio Franz Architekten has designed the extension of a family home in Vienna. The 80-year-old family home in Wienerwald was clad with grey larch boards that contrast the white rendered façade of the existing house. Project description from Heimspiel: After, the young family were taken by the idea of a single-family house in the countryside. In the Wienerwald they found a little house in need of rehabilitation with a […]