8 Enjoyably Fun Indoor Activity Suggestions for the Whole Family

As we try to look on the brighter side amid crisis, we could actually see one positive effect and that is bringing families together closer at home while observing self-quarantine. Seeing videos and pictures of families doing things together elicits so much warmth and love. And for us to maximize this extended period of family time, here’s a few suggestions for parents that you could play with your kids (and […]


Heartening Skype Family Photo

Singapore-born New York-based photographer John Clang thought of a solution for families who despite of being geographically separated would be able to have a family reunion photo taken. But how? In his series “Be Here Now,” John Clang made a collection of images of families originally from Singapore with all members of the family included in one shot, including those one or two members in different locations, with the use of the ever-reliable […]