Fascinating Embroidered Series by Stephanie K Clark

Artist Stephanie K Clark considers herself as a painter who paints with thread. You may have seen hyperrealistic paintings that look like photographs, or photos that resemble paintings, now Clark offers something different. She has an exceptional talent of creating embroidered art pieces of houses, log cabins and cars that look a lot like paintings. The details she puts into each work are really fascinating. [via honestlywtf]


Crafty Embroidered Typography

Maricor Maricar embroiders beautiful lines from  lines of the Ode from his book Music and Moonlight (1874) by British poet Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy.  Find it available on their cornershop.   [via designworklife]


Incredible Embroidered Wool Portraits

Yes these are actually embroidered creations by painter Cayce Zavaglia. Switching from paintbrush to needlework wasn’t a walk in the park for Cayce. Unlike painting where he can mix her paint color to achieve the desired effect, wool comes in fewer color range. He was able to overcome it though. From his bio he said: Progressively, I created a system of sewing the threads in a sequence that would ultimately give […]