Incredibly Sweet Photos of a Girl and an English Bulldog

Having witnessed the sweet relationship of her 4 year old daughter Harp and the family’s 7 year old English Bulldog Lola, photographer Rebecca Leimbach chronicled it in this series called Harp and Lola. The photos capture how the doting duo were inseparable since Harp was a baby. [via fubiz]


Meet Champ: Most Stylish + Cuddly Golden Retriever on Instagram

Talented photographer Candice Sedighan and her 11-year-old golden retriever Champ share the love for the camera. Today you will see elegant photos of the ever calm and sweet Champ enjoying the company of fluffy chicks and more of his adventures! See more of Candice Sedighan Photography of handsome Champ on Instagram and Facebook.   [via  buzzfeed]


Photographer Takes Humorous + Intimate Photos of Her Rescued Dogs

Dog portraits is always a welcome treat after an intensely busy week. Looking at these photos by self-taught photographer Elke Vogelsang, you’ll fall in love with her three rescued dogs  Noodles, Scout and Loli who happen to love the camera. Here they are captured in their most expressive and sometimes emo moments. One photo even look like they are having a hearty laugh or singing their hearts out. Check out more […]


Rescued Orphan Kitten Found a New Best Friend in Golden Retriever

This beautiful friendship between Ponzu, a Golden Retriever, and Ichimi, a rescued orphan kitten, is too adorable for words. Find more photos of their cuteness and adventures on Instagram. [via wherecoolthingshappen]


Momo is Hiding in Every One of These Photos

Meet Momo, Andrew Knapp‘s Border Collie who has an interesting habit when playing fetch. Instead of returning the stick after catching it, Momo hides in disguise. Andrew documents them in photos, regularly updated in Go Find Momo website. [via the savoia]


A Dog Named Trotter is Playfully Dressed to Impress

San Francisco based photographer Sonya Yu, also known as a professional food pornographer, has the perfect subject. Sonya’s cool one-year-old French Bulldog named Trotter that rocks just about anything she’s dressed in!   Follow what Trotter is wearing today on Instragram. Also, check out Sonya Yu impressive portfolio on her website.   [via colossal]


Endearing Best Friends + Pet Photography

This is probably one of the most lovable pet photography you’ll see as of yet. For five consecutive years, Paul Walker has been honored to be Scottish Master Pet Photographer of the Year. Paul’s skill, passion and love for animal photography was developed early on his childhood, honed and mastered throughout the years. More than just capturing moments of man’s best friend on their most adorable playful selves, Paul is able to seize […]


Heartwarming Photograph of a Dog Sleeping in His Father's Arms

Talk about life’s precious moments, this will surely melt your heart. Photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson of Stonehouse Photography wanted to document John Unger affection for his dog Schoep in Lake Superior. 19 years ago John Unger rescued Schoep when he was only 8 months old. Over the years, they’ve shared plenty of adventures together, John says that the dog saved him from suicide after a failed relationship. When Schoep developed arthritis in his legs, the […]


Cool Maddie on Things

Awesome photography project about a seriously cool dog named Maddie. Check out Maddie on Things website.   [via thecuriousbrain and swiss-miss]