Tiny Project Inspires Web Designer to Live a Simple Life

By living simply as his main goal, web designer Alek Lisefski have created the Tiny Project, his very own mobile home measuring 8 feet by 20 feet. Having a full time job, Lisefski worked on this project mostly at night time and weekends. You can read much more about his work here. [via treehugger]


Clever 196 Square-Foot Tiny House Using Reclaimed Materials

Practical architect  Macy Miller thought of a clever way of owning a house without burning her pocket. The solution? A tiny trailer house that measures 196 square feet (18 square meters). Built on a flatbed trailer, the house is 8 feet long and 24 feet wide with complete basic utilities. The use of recycled pallet wood as siding is an attractive feature of the house. Read more about Miller’s design […]